On which platforms are the My Mango App, available?

As of Now, This app is available only on the Google Play Store. Coming soon on Apple App Store

Is the app free to use?

Yes, it is absolutely free for the end users. Nominal charges are applicable for Youtube Creators and Influencers, based on mutual understanding, as per the contracts.

Is the app Family & Kids Friendly?

Yes, It’s content is friendly for all age groups.

What languages does the app support?

Currently, it only supports English. Coming Soon on Other Indian Languages.

Who is the audience for the app?

Our target audience is prominently the Telugu audience, as of now

How do I enroll my YouTube channel into the app?

You may send a request to [email protected] or can fill this form. Our representatives will get in touch with you within 48 hours.

What is the criteria for the YouTube channel to be eligible for enrollment into the app?

The channel needs to have 4,000 hours of annual viewing time and over 10,000 subscribers and needs to be monetized. Language and Genre of the channel is not a bar.

What other YouTube entities are allowed for integration?

We support the integration of the Youtube channel as well as Live Streaming Channel.

How do I clear my doubts as they weren't covered here?

You may always write an email to us: [email protected]. Our representative will get back to you.

What is the Dont's for YouTube Creators?

Creators must abide to not post any video having Nudity or sexual content, Harmful or dangerous content, Hateful content, Violent of graphic content, Harassment and cyberbullying. Spam or misleading metadata and scams, Copyrighted Content Threats and against Child safety.

Who all are covered under `Influencer`?

Anyone irrespective of any area of work, with the great pool of fans over 50,000 followings in either of their verified social media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

What is the eligibility criteria to get enrollment as Influencer in the app?

Your any of verified social media account needs to have a fanbase of at least 50,000 users. The social media account are limited to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Which influencers aren't eligible to be on the app?

Anyone who is on the heel to promote the hatreds against the particular group, religion, community.

What is the Dont's for the Influencers?

Same as for Creators.  Influencers must abide to not make such post which promotes Nudity or sexual content, Harmful or dangerous content, Hateful content, Violent of graphic content, Harassment and cyberbullying, Copyrighted Content, Threats and against Child safety or content,or dangerous content, content or dangerous content, content graphic content or misleading metadata and scams against safety.

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